Mother’s Day Gifts for Smart Women & Guns

mothers day gun gifts for women

Mother’s Day Gifts for Smart Women & Guns

I joke that ever since I started shooting I’ve become really easy to shop for! “I always need ammo!” Is my go-to when I’m asked what I’d like for my birthday, holidays etc.

In addition to ammo, my list of wants for shooting keeps getting longer with new product releases, new skills and generally running out of supplies. Plus, there are so many great products out there for smart women who love guns!

Here are some amazing items that make great Mother’s Day Gifts for the Woman who loves to shoot!

mothers day gun gifts for women

I joke that I’m easy to shop for but it’s so true! Having a great passion/hobby like shooting means that I’m always looking for the next addition to my collection, ammo to keep shooting and to advance my skills with classes and technology.

Here are some of the items I know I personally would love for Mother’s Day (cough cough hubby) and make great picks for women shooters!

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1.New concealed holster from Tactica

Alien Gear announced a new line of women’s holsters, clothing and accessories and the women’s sleek version of Alien Gear’s cloak tuck IWB holster retailing at $59.99 is a great gift! Tactica Defense Fashion has it all and Women everywhere are looking to these products to fill the gap that’s been missing in options for women shooters.

Shop this product here. 

mother's day gun gifts for women tactica iwb

2. Bullet Jewelry

I don’t consider myself to be an accessory person but I’m in love with my 9mm bullet jewelry! A shooter next to me at a women’s shooting league meetup had a whole set! Bracelet, necklace, earrings that matched!

Shop this set here. 

bullet jewelry

3. Shooting Journal

Have you ever left the range thinking that you’d remember something important…and then find that you couldn’t remember it? A shooting journal is a great way to improve shooting all guns & all calibers. over time you can see patterns in performance, determine accuracy in different conditions and determine the best ammo for your gun!

Find the one in the collage below here.

(Pinterest image below)

4. A new gun!

I don’t know many shooters who aren’t thinking about or eying their next gun purchase. Holidays are a great time to pull the trigger (pun intended) on that purchase and add something special to the lineup!

I carry the Ruger LC9s and the SR9c but have been eying a 1911 and have heard so many things about the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield that it’s on my must-try list too! There are a few rifles…let’s just saw a gun would make a great gift!

5. Guns & Coffee Shirt!

The first time I saw this shirt I knew I had to add it to my closet. Two of my favorite things: Guns and Coffee! This shirt comes in a huge selection of styles & colors and even coffee mugs!

I got purple and brown and the high collar is perfect for the range!

Find these here.

guns and coffee

6. Shot Glass

Lucky Shot Glasses are true shot glasses! They come in different styles & sizes and make great gifts! How fun is this glass? I have already given several as gifts and they look great filled with candy and placed in a clear gift bag with a ribbon on top!

Shop their selection here. 

lucky shot glass

7. Range Time

No matter if you shoot at an indoor range or outdoor…smart women with guns love to get time to shoot! I belong to a local indoor range and just having my hubby watch my kids so I can go is a great present to me! You can get a gift card or even just make range time possible as a great Mother’s Day gun gift!

8. Eyewear – the protective kind

I recently upgraded my ears and I’m glad I did! Next on my list…my eye protection! My glasses are getting scratched and the eye protection I wear when I have my contacts in from the range…they feel flimsy and I’m not sure would actually protect my eyes if push came to shove…

What do I have my eye on? SSP eyewear! They has a huge assortment of women’s shooting eye protection that even come in prescription and different levels of sun protection too.

Shop their selection here. 

ssp eyewear women's shooting safety glasses

ssp eyewear women's shooting glasses

9. Alpha Defense Co. Face Shields

I bit on this offer and…I love these more than I thought I would! I went to a frangible ammo demo and wished I had one! My throat was so dry from breathing in the dust that I went home and bought these!

I also love them for regular ammo as well. Turns out…they’re awesome for things like yard work and I pull it up and over my head when I’m cleaning! They’re thin, wash well and I feel pretty cool in mine.

Get this B1 G4 free special here.


10. Toys toys toys

If you work hard at improving your shooting performance, then you’ll appreciate the many tools out there to help up your shooting skills!

This system by Mantis works with your smartphone and gives both live and dry fire feedback! Works with most guns and can go on a rail or rail adapter. Tracks performance over time and has great reviews!

mantis training system

What gun gifts are on your list?

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