Eclipse Holsters Review + Coupon Code

eclipse holsters review promo code

If you are anything like me, you’ve tried a number of holsters. After trying multiple uncomfortable, poor-performing holsters, I couldn’t wait to share my Eclipse Holsters review with you! Even better, I am an ambassador for the brand and have an Eclipse Holsters promo code SmartWomen to save 20% on your order.

eclipse holsters promo code review

I started my firearm journey nearly three years ago when I was stalked while running. Since then, it’s snowballed quite a bit. I’m an NRA certified instructor, Range Safety Officer, A Girl & A Gun facilitator, I work at the local indoor shooting range and just love learning and sharing!

I have a storage tote full of holsters. I’ve tried a holster from just about every brand and let’s just say that some are made better than others.

I have found a love for Eclipse Holsters inside the waistband holsters (IWB) for concealed carry. I also love outside the waistband holsters (OWB) for both concealed carry and training on the range. Most of the classes I attend where we draw from a holster require an OWB holster worn strong-side.

With all of the holsters I own, I find myself reaching for my Eclipse Holsters IWB holster daily! I purchased the first, the lace print below, one from their garage sale section and couldn’t believe how much I love it! It’s comfortable, easy to conceal, lightweight, stays in its place and has a great belt clip! It can be purchased with a wing to help prevent it from sticking out in an appendix carry but I have the standard because I wear it on my hip also.

I purchased the turquoise one above for my Sig Sauer P938 and find the belt clip to be secure and comfortable no matter the activity.

eclipse holsters review and promo code

eclipse holsters promo code

About Eclipse Holsters

I love the Eclipse Holsters company! If you follow Eclipse Holsters on Instagram you can’t help but love the company owner, Jessica Hazelaar. Born and raised in Alaska, Jessica began making holsters in 2012 after she couldn’t find one for her brand new S&W Shield.

Jessica went to work and set out to make a concealed holster that “…fit women more comfortably and had the customer service where women and novice could ask questions without fear of embarrassment.” And she has done just that!

Fast forward to 2020, Eclipse Holsters has grown into one of the most reputable holster brands on the market! Jessica, also a wife and Mom of 4 teens, went from producing holsters in her garage to running a multi-employee brand with a great social presence. While Jessica still does all of the custom work herself, she has some helpers including includes a box-loving furry 4-legged team member. You can follow and see her fun team on Instagram!


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In addition to several IWB holsters, I also have two OWB holsters from Eclipse Holsters. I often find myself lost in their selection of prints and to be honest it’s sometimes hard to pick one. When I first started shooting I didn’t want my gear to stand out but now I love having something that can spark conversation with those around me…and Eclipse Holster’s selection of prints doesn’t disappoint!

In addition to great prints, holsters are fully customized, firearm-specific, made and shipped in 3 days or less from the company home in Williamsburg, Virginia and have a lifetime guarantee.

Please help me in supporting this amazing, woman-owned, USA made high-quality brand by getting your first or next holster from their website. You can use my Eclipse Holsters promo code SmartWomen to save 20% on your order!

Thank you for stopping by, grab this awesome Eclipse Holsters Promo Code, head over to their website and have an amazing time finding the perfect holster for you!

eclipse holsters promo code


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