Why I Don’t Carry My Gun in a Purse + The Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry Purses

concealed carry purses

Why I Don’t Carry My Gun in a Purse + The Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry Purses

I always have my purse with me and it seems like a concealed carry purse would be a logical place to keep my gun. However, when I attended my first official pistol training course I learned that there are several reasons purse carrying can be irresponsible, dangerous and not efficient in an emergency. Here’s why I don’t carry my gun in a purse plus the pros and cons of concealed carry purses.

concealed carry purses

I grew up knowing my relative kept a gun in a concealed carry purse and it always seemed like a great idea to me. She worked in a job handling money, made late night bank deposit trips alone and was alone in her office taking payments at a window.

This seems like exactly the type of job where carrying a gun is a great idea for personal protection and safety.

However, it wasn’t until I attended my first official training, the NRA basic pistol course, that I learned that there are many downfalls to concealed carry purses.

Cons to concealed carry purses.

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1.It’s not permanently attached to you. 

First, you can be easily separated from most concealed carry purses. For me personally, I like to set my purse in the basket of my shopping cart, I place it in the truck while loading bags into the back and never take it running or hiking.

In addition, unless it’s a cross body bag, most purses can be removed from your body by force and purse snatching is a common crime. Unlike my belt slide kydex holster, someone could easily wind up with both my purse and my gun in seconds.

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2. Speed of the draw 

I love to attend tactical courses and if you are familiar with the beep from a training timer…you know that speed is everything.

A purse slows down the amount of time you have to both draw and fire your weapon. Consider the amount of time it takes to draw from an open carry holster on your hip vs unzipping a purse, pulling from the carry pocket and eventually getting in position to fire. If you have a safety, the draw to fire time is even longer.

Mere fractions of a second can matter in a self-defense situation and a purse can waste precious time. Plus, a criminal can see you reaching into your purse and realize you are reaching for your firearm and take deadly action as a result.

3. Unintentional firing

Unless you have done your research and purchased a high quality concealed carry purse with a quality holster and secure location, the chances of an accidental firing from something like a piece of paper or makeup accidentally pulling your trigger are high.

Imagine your pistol floating around in a purse with receipts, lipstick, keys and all the other goodies in my bag verses in a custom molded kydex holster located on your body. The thought alone makes me nervous.

Plus, if the purse isn’t always on your body it can fly around in a car accident or other driving mishap.

4. Access to children and others

As a Mom to 4, gun safety is on the top of my list. I want to be sure my small children don’t have access to my gun if I set my purse down…and I don’t send a friend searching for a piece of gum to accidentally fire my 9mm.

Pros of Concealed Carry Purses

Dresses & belt-free clothing

Despite the things that I listed above, I can see the pros of concealed carry purses too. As someone who loves dresses and hasn’t found a thigh holster I love yet…I can see the appeal. I can wear my dress, keep my gun with me and not worry about finding a place to conceal it.


While I am trying to perfect pulling my jeans down and keeping my gun holstered…the idea of having a concealed carry purse to hold it temporarily is really appealing to me. I fear setting it down and forgetting that it’s in the stall and I don’t always have a belt to keep it in place when I use the toilet.

What to look for when purchasing a concealed carry purse –

There are so many concealed carry purses available. While I don’t personally own one, I have done a lot of browsing. Things that are a must have for me are –

  1. A designated pocket (some are locking)
  2. A molded gun-specific solid holster that covers the trigger
  3. The gun is pointed in a safe direction at all times
  4. The purse is cross-body and hard to take from me
  5. It doesn’t blatantly scream “there’s a gun in here”

Where to purchase a concealed carry purse.

There are so many purses on Amazon! While seeing them in-person is ideal, most gun shops carry a handful that is a drop in the ocean compared to what’s available online. Plus, with 2 day shipping and free returns with Prime…Amazon is my choice to purchase many things!

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How do you carry and what’s your favorite method?

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