Building a Trauma Kit for the Gun Range and Shooting Sports

Building a Trauma Kit for the Gun Range and Shooting Sports

I started to scan the room. Where was the trauma kit? Was there a tourniquet, how would I apply a chest dressing and if I needed to could I do it correctly?

I was standing in my first tactical training when the instructor started going over the emergency plan. Who was going to take lead? Who was designated to call 911, the second person designated. The importance of stressing a “training exercise” over a “shooting.” It was then that the importance of having a medical kit for the gun range and shooting sports really began to sink in.

Three important things to remember:

  1. An accident can happen.
  2. The right supplies can be the difference between life and death.
  3. We are all first responders at the range and out in the field.

So what goes in a kit?

I have read many different opinions. The truth is that medical supplies are expensive. If you are getting an inexpensive kit…chances are that the materials inside are garbage and won’t perform as needed in an emergency.

I started to think about the materials I would need. I mean, I go out shooting at public ranges and sometimes am one of a few people at an indoor range. Having my own supplies cold save my life and/or someone else’s.

With gun range accidents your goal is to stop bleeding. Therefore, most of the supplies are to clot, stop blood loss and cover open wounds.

Important tip:

If you are finding cheaply priced supplies chances are they are cheaply performing. The time to find out you bought garbage scissors shouldn’t be when you’re cutting off someone’s pants to apply a tourniquet. 

Here’s the list I’m building, it’s a work in progress – if you have anything to add please comment below!

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Popular Gun Range Trauma Kit Supplies:

  • Chest Seal  – prevents airflow from going into the open area when person breathes in.


  • H-Bandage – combat dressing places “heavy pressure over and into the wounded area”

Or….buy a premade kit! 

As I’ve been pricing supplies for kids I realize that the premade gun range trauma kits are a pretty good deal! While $99 or $149 may seem like a lot to spend out of pocket, it’s money well spent if it saves a life!

You may also want to buy a kit and supplement it with a few extras of the items listed above.

The kit pictured below is from MediTac and can be bought on Amazon!

A note: I was looking at our local gun range’s kit to see what they have on hand and I realized that:

  1. It’s important to have the materials.
  2. It’s equally as important to know how to use them.

Do I know how to use an Israeli Bandage? Nope. Am I going to find out how? Absolutely!

If immediate responders need to spend 2 or 3 minutes figuring out how to use supplies that wasted time could be the difference between life or death. Luckily there are organizations that supply courses like Stop The Bleed for free! Looking at their website I found a class within a few miles for me completely free happening this weekend.

Disclosure: This website features opinion-based content and is constantly under revision and change. You will find suggestions here but for more in-depth individualized information, please consult your local gun or medical expert.

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