Alien Gear Announces Women’s Line – Tactica Defense Fashion

Alien Gear Announces Women’s Line of Holsters, Accessories & Clothing – Tactica Defense Fashion.

As a female shooter, I know how hard it can be to find a great holster for concealed carry, open carry and concealment clothing that fits my body and my lifestyle. Most items are designed for and marketed towards men and look it! Usually, I try to make something work but it’s never perfect.

Earlier this week, I was so excited to see the announcement of a women-specific line of holsters, clothing and accessories from the well-known holster & accessory giant, Alien Gear. The new line, Tactica Defense Fasion, looks amazing and I’m sure you’ll want to check it out too!

tactica iwb holster

If you’ve ever tried to make a holster designed for a man fit your frame you’ll thoroughly appreciate the thought and design that went into Tactica. While I haven’t personally tested any of their holster’s for women or clothing items…I can’t wait to try them out!

As a huge fan of skinny jeans, all jeans seem to be skinny jeans these days, I know the struggle with trying to find a holster that fits my pants! The local range recommended a sticky holster that didn’t any attach to my pants, which wasn’t a good option for me when drawing and reholstering.

In addition to my women-specific jean needs, I don’t always wear a belt or the belt I wear isn’t specifically a gun belt. In addtion, most “gun belts” are designed for and sized for men and just don’t appeal to me.

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Alien Gear’s popular Cloak Tuck holster has been designed in a women-friendly version called the Tactica IWB holster and is gun-specific featuring a heat-molded poly holster that covers the trigger for a great draw and reholstering technique.

Looking for a non-pants related holster? Tactica also carried a belly band with a corset design to both fit well and provide the best concealment under clothing.

I personally have tried out several belly bands and, as a smaller framed person, I find that they have an excess amount of girth leaving me several inches of hangover fabric on both ends…making the holster both hot and difficult to wear.

The Tactica Concealed Carry Corset holster comes in sizes XS – XXL to get the best fit! Each corset also has 3 sizes with metal hooks and a fast breakaway retention tab.

tactica corset

In addition to these items, Tactica offers jackets, sweater, bags, clothing and accessories!

Shop Tactica on their website and watch for your favorite shops (maybe encourage them) to stock these items too!

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